Getis – sustainable engineering

About Getis

Getis – web site shows some ways to improve habits in many fields of human life. Term “sustainable” means continual reuse without depletion of resources. It also implies endurance of referred systems and continuously finding a new ways of reducing negative human impact. It is done among other ways by supporting individual lifestyles that conserve natural resources.


In this section some tech fields will be described. Reason for adding every of this fields is their connection to mech engineering discipline and their sustainable nature. Traditional stone house field introduce the beauty of traditional buildings adapted to today’s needs of healthy living. Modern houses trough renewable energy sources to production processes are also described. Each topic is presented with several in detail described pages. view more


Many useful software grouped by fields are introduced. Fields starts with advice of making fully functional, optimized web site with wordpress which can be crafted to users specific needs. Business field offer advice and software which can help micro startup firms. Engineering software field enlists few software products used for specific technical areas. Financial and entertainment software are also described in detail. view more


Few Croatian Split area local destinations are introduced. Each destination is represented by the historical events that have touched them and specific cultural customs. Besides cultural buildings, shops, services, accommodation and contemporary events that might be of interest to potential visitors are also mentioned. Every destination is deep scanned to reveal its specifics and interesting facts. view more

agroecology-01-300x150-GetisAgro ecology

Every agro resources from water, soil, climate and bioprotection are in focus to achive full depth insight of vegetation production. These resources and their use in the renewable method are described in detail. Ecology and sustainability are important links. At the end aquaponics and vermiponics are described as systems which represents all of the positive features of agro-ecological system. view more